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Butterfield Scholarships 2021 and 2022

We're delighted to announce that following the recent round of applications, 2 Butterfield Scholarships have been awarded for 2021 and 2022 which will fund additional pupillages in publicly funded work, as follows: 2021 - KBG Chambers and 3PB...

22nd Mar 2021 | News

Butterfield Scholarship 2021

Applications are invited from Circuit sets of Chambers for the Butterfield Scholarship for two extra pupillages in publicly funded work for two pupils starting in Autumn 2021. Applications should be received by the Circuit Junior by 4pm on Monday...

12th Feb 2021 | News

Western Circuit Report on Court Safety January 2021

We publish a report about the safety of courts on the Western Circuit - HERE . Thank you to the many barristers who responded to the request for information last week, to Piers Norsworthy of Devon Chambers who collated the responses, and all the...

18th Jan 2021 | News

IRAL Call for Evidence – Circuit Response

The Circuit submitted (October 2020) a response to the Call for Evidence from the Independent Review of Administrative Law which can be read HERE.  The question posed by the review was “Does judicial review strike the right balance between...

7th Dec 2020 | News

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