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24th Mar 2020 | Covid19

[Updated 2 April 2020]

The Circuit has a sub-committee of members who are working to help support the IT requirements of working remotely and preparing to conduct video hearings.  Their guidance (Second Edition, 2 April 2020) is issued here and contains advice about the available programmes for video and telephone hearings.  Advice will continue to be amended and updated on this page.

Please also see “How To” Guides as follows:

How To – Skype for Business [02.04.20]

How To – Teams [02.04.20]

URGENT UPDATE re Teams – following confusion, some people have been adding contacts into their own Chambers’ “Organisation” on Teams, which means that non-members can see the activity and other contacts within the Chambers group.  Please see the “Organisations” section about ensuring that you are in the correct “Organisation” when adding contacts.​

How To – Zoom for the Family Bar [30.03.20]

CPS Guidance for Appearing at Court via Video or Audio Links [30.03.20]

IT Support within Chambers and from the Circuit

As the bar moves increasingly online throughout this situation, it will be important to ensure that everyone is supported in accessing the correct programmes properly. Documents will be provided as quickly as possible regarding the various products, and as the courts’ positions develop. For now:

  • Please consider making a list, within your Chambers, of who feels competent with each of the programmes covered in the initial guidance. This should be circulated so that less-confident members have someone to contact if they struggle to set up/use the various programmes in the coming weeks.
  • If no one in Chambers can help, please contact the following members of circuit who now comprise the Covid-19 IT Committee:

Elizabeth Bowden: ebowden@college-chambers.co.uk

Holly Rust: holly.rust@devonchambers.co.uk

Piers Norsworthy: piers.norsworthy@devonchambers.co.uk


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