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4th Oct 2019 | News

The Bar Council have launched an anti-bullying and harassment online tool called Talk to Spot.  The app provides an anonymous way to document harassment or discrimination.  Submitting a report is optional.  More details here.

Talk to Spot, an app developed by a Silicon Valley tech company, Spot, has partnered with the Bar Council to support its members in reporting inappropriate behaviour in the barristers’ profession. According to research, harassment and discrimination are currently under-reported across many industries, undermining the fact that everyone deserves to work in an inclusive, diverse and respectful environment. The app will provide barristers, most of whom are self-employed but work in chambers, a platform to record their experiences, quickly and easily.

Spot will help barristers talk through and record contemporaneously inappropriate moments at work. Barristers can then choose to either save the report for their own reference, or print the report and send it to their chambers, their employer, or other bodies. They can also submit the report to Bar Council.

No human (not even the Spot team or Bar Council) will see what a barrister discusses with Spot, unless they decide to submit a report – but even then it can be anonymous.

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